854 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood, CA 95452
(707) 833-1221

From Oakland Airport (OAK)

Kenwood Oaks Guest House
854 Warm Springs Road in Kenwood, California 95452
(707) 833-1221 or (707) 480-7244 (cell)

Approximate time: 2 hours

  1. Exit the airport, following signs to I-880 N toward Downtown Oakland.
  2. Stay on I-880 for several miles, and merge onto I-580/I-80 East towards Sacramento.
  3. Exit I-580/I-80 by merging on to I-580 west, towards Richmond and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
  4. Cross the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, heading west.
  5. Follow the signs to get to 101 north.
  6. Come north on 101, past San Rafael and almost to Novato.
  7. Exit 101 onto Highway 37 East, toward Vallejo/Napa.
  8. Exit 37 at Highway 121 for Sonoma/Napa; left lane exit.
  9. Exit 121 by going straight (at 4-way stop) onto Highway 116 toward Petaluma/Glen Ellen.
  10. Exit 116 fairly soon (3 miles +/-) when the sign points straight ahead to Glen Ellen/Arnold Drive; you will then be on Arnold Drive.
  11. Stay on Arnold Drive for quite a ways (6+ miles). Pass some areas of roadside commerce and the Sonoma National Golf Course. Eventually, you will come to a stop SIGN along Arnold Drive. It will be at a small intersection with a 4-way stop sign. (There is something called Firehouse Corner there, as a landmark.) Turn right at that stop sign, onto Madrone Road.
  12. Madrone quickly dead ends onto Highway 12; turn left onto 12 toward Santa Rosa.
  13. Pass the first traffic signal.
  14. About 3 miles later, you’ll pass Salt & Stone Restaurant and soon after, you will see a left turn lane at another traffic signal and a sign for Warm Springs Road. Turn left at that signal, onto Warm Springs Road.
  15. The driveway is 7/10 of a mile down Warm Springs Road. It is on the left, and there is a small green and white road sign for #854 across from our driveway.  (Hanging below that sign is an orange metal butterfly.)  Turn left and cross the short bridge.
  16. Go up the long driveway, keeping right, until you come to a circular driveway, marked #854 on the fence post. (It is the second house up.)
  17. This is the Main House at Kenwood Oaks. You may park there for check-in.
  18. Welcome to Kenwood Oaks Guest House!