854 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood, CA 95452
(707) 833-1221


“Your place is so perfect that we’re afraid to come back because we won’t ever leave! Your attention to detail–as to all our needs–was insurmountable! The stars here at night must be those that inspired da Vinci. Kenwood Oaks’ locale is as good as it gets: isolated, yet amidst California’s best Wine Country. We live in San Diego and wouldn’t leave it for anywhere else but here!”

D & J, San Diego, CA

“Wonderful weekend! You have provided for all our wants! Evening time looking at the stars, listening to the owls, and smelling the Madrone was the best!”

T & L, Berkeley, CA

“So sad we’re only here 3 days–would love to stay indefinitely. Really. I want to live here! Don’t even want to go to sleep because I’ll miss some of our time at Kenwood Oaks!”

S & K, Phoenix, AZ

“We have laughed so many times over the story of calling the Kenwood Conference Center (?), and getting you on the phone! Then we do high fives and marvel about what a fortunate error that was!”

V & K, Seattle, WA

“Your home and hospitality have been food for the soul. A perfect Honeymoon, and worth the wait! It will stay with us always…”

P & L, St. Louis, MO

“We crossed America to seek refuge and peace of mind, and we found it in our last three days, here at Kenwood Oaks Guest House.”

A & R, London, UK

“As soon as we arrived here at this lovely spot I could feel all cares drift away and my whole life slow down…”

P & G, San Rafael, CA

“Even with our late arrival, we loved each and every minute of our stay. We have one more day left in our weekend visit; I, for one, do not look forward to our departure. Even as I write, I am already looking forward to our next visit to Kenwood Oaks Guest House.”

G & H, Berkeley, CA

“A wonderful weekend…rain drops, bluebird, Phoebe, nuthatch, happy dogs, frolicking horses, sunshine, long walks, good chats, red-shouldered hawk, delicious wines. How could we not long to return?”

A & L, San Mateo, CA

“What a lovely place… We came for one night and stayed on for four! If the distance between Sweden and Sonoma Valley was shorter, we surely would visit this charming Guest House every year!”

L & L, Skarhamn, Sweden

“Paradise does exist, and it’s available by the day and fortunately, by the week. Can’t say enough about how comfortable, peaceful, and beautiful everything was. Can’t wait for our return…”

S & B, Little Rock, AR

“Thank you for introducing me to the horses. They aren’t scary. I liked the shaded barn and the special patch of grass. My dry dog food tasted like filet mignon while I was in the rolling hills of your estate. I’m still a little shy around girls, but please tell Honey and Ella that I love them. I had a doggone good time!”

Cony the Dog, San Jose, CA